Uber Will Soon Deliver Melbourne’s Best Food Directly To Your Door/Face

They might have been delivering puppies to people all day yesterday, but apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Uber‘s plans for world domination.

The ride-sharing giant is branching out their operations in Australia, and is about to launch their premium food delivery service UberEATS in Melbourne.
The service launched in full towards the end of last year, and is operating in a handful of US cities, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta. It’s also spread outside of the US, to Toronto and Paris.
Melbourne becomes just the third city outside of the US to get the service, with the Melbourne UberEATS website launching this morning.
It works in an extremely similar manner to rival delivery apps such as Deliveroo and SupperTime. The app partners with a bunch of “premium” restaurants and pubs that ordinarily don’t do delivery, and brings the food to you. Kinda like Menulog but for people who think they deserve nice things.
The UberEATS service operates on a different, standalone app to the Uber ride-sharing service, but it does piggy-back off your pre-existing account.
UberEATS picked Melbourne over Sydney due to the Victorian capital’s reputation of being a “foodie” city.
It’s a particularly tense time for Uber in the market, with the launch of competing taxi-booking service GoCatch launching in Australia as well.
Begun, the food delivery/ride-sharing wars have.
No word yet on when the service will actually begin bringing delicious foods directly to your mouth, but the UberEATS website has sign ups available.
Source: StartUpSmart.
Photo: UberEats/Twitter.