PREP YOUR GUTS: UberEATS Just Launched In Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth

It’s a golden age for hungry people, friends and foes. Whereas once you had to slum it like a goddamned pleb by dragging your hungover/famished/frothing for a burger butt down to that one dirty takeaway that’s always open or (heaven forbid) *GET IN YOUR CAR AND ACTUALLY TRAVEL TO A DRIVE THRU*, now there is a magnificent world of tasty treats that people can actually bring to you, meaning the human race is finally beginning to evolve beyond the need for pants.
Melbourne and Sydney have been basking in the many splendours of UberEATS for a solid few months now (believe us when we say, it’s been a glorious, tasty time), but as of today, three other major cities get their slice of the action.
The fancy food delivery service has officially been switched on in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth as of this morning, with a number of popular restaurants in all three cities already signed up and on board.
Adelaide, for example, has popular local favourites like Burger Theory, Melt Pizzeria, Osteria Oggi, Ginza Miyako, and Jock Zonfrillo‘s crowning jewels Blackwood Bistro and Nonna Mallozzi.
Meanwhile up in Brisbane, the picks of the bunch feature Ben’s Burgers and Pineapple Express, Doughnut Time and Mister Fitz, and hatted restaurants esq. and Saké for when you feel like getting fancy in your undies.
Over in Perth, street food features heavily from the likes of Long Chim, Brika, Filos & Yiros, and El Publico, coupled with other tasty treats from the likes of Old Faithful, Varsity Burgers, Chinco Gelato, and Ria Malay Kitchen.
The delivery radius extends to the inner-suburbs of each city (check the app to see if you’re one of the lucky ones), and there’s introductory offers galore (FREE DELIVERY, Y’ALL).
It’s available in all three cities as of today. Check out Uber’s blog posts for AdelaideBrisbane, and Perth for more details.
So there’s dinner sorted, folks!

Source: Supplied.
Photo: UberEATS.