Here’s Why ‘Hot Model Dad’ Is The Latest Meme To Conquer The Internet

The forever refilling pool of attractive dads has been kicked in to overdrive this week after one kid’s dad went particularly viral for being, well, hot.

In March, Ohio-born University of Toledo student Collin Hayslett tweeted out four photos of his 45-year-old dad, Clint. The photos were from a shoot set up by Clint’s barber, who had a new line of sunglasses to release he wanted to produce ads for.

The man who does his hair has a lot of connections,” Collin told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “There was an opportunity for my dad to be a possible model.”

Collin’s dad had to travel to Detroit, Michigan, for the photoshoot and when he got there photographers told him he should consider being a model full-time. “My dad is mild mannered and humble about the whole thing,” said Collin.

When Collin and the rest of his family saw the photos they loved them, and Clint jokingly pondered over what would happen if someone got a hold of the shots and blew them up. Testing the waters to see just how much attention his dad’s new model shots could get, Collin tweeted out the photos and told his 3,000-odd followers to meet his dad.

Almost 80,000 retweets and hundreds of thousands of likes later, Clint Hayslett has been the catalyst for a flurry of “hot model dads” making their way online.

There are, of course, other dads – dads who are absolutely not actually related to the person advertising their model potential – who have made their way into the meme.

It’s not exactly a high-brow meme: the point is hot middle-aged guys. Except… when it’s not.

Collin said his dad was only just getting familiar with social media in the three days since his model shots blew up. “There’s been nothing but positivity from family and friends,” he said.

We’ve just been sitting as a family laughing at some of the outlandish replies, and he was nearly in tears seeing that he was trending a couple of hours ago.”

The hot model dad is back, baby. That’s if you thought he had left.