As is not entirely difficult to imagine, Justin Bieber is pretty mad that pictures of his dick, taken with a telephoto lens entirely without his knowledge or consent, were published by the New York Daily News and subsequently spread across the entire internet.

His dad Jeremy Bieber, however, seems fairly ~chill~, and possibly even proud about the whole situation, sending out what may be the creepiest dad tweet ever earlier today, congratulating his son on the size of his unit. 

We went ahead and screengrabbed, because this Tweet will definitely be taken down at some point.

Congratulations, Bieber’s dad, you have taken creepy to an all new level. 

Meanwhile, according to a cease and desist letter obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘What Do You Mean?’ singer’s legal team are threatening legal action against the New York Daily News.

“We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our Client including images showing him without clothing,” they said in the letter, send soon after the images went live. 

The good people at Myman Greenspan said that the photos, which show Bieber and rumoured girlfriend Jayde Pierce by a pool while on vacation in Bora Bora, violate the singer’s publicity and privacy rights, and also that they infringe on his trademarks. 

The cease and desist letter demanded that the New York Daily News remove the photos from its site within 12 hours, and indicated that legal action would go ahead if they were not taken down. 

As of today, that deadline has well and truly passed, and the NYDN website is still running censored versions of the images, so the cock and balls are still very much in their court. We eagerly await the conclusion to this latest drama.

via Hollywood Reporter
Photo: Kevin Mazur via Getty Images