Mikey From ‘MAFS’ Has Responded To Those Wild Rumours Natasha Had Sex With His Dad


The MAFS tea never stops, does it? Mainly OUTSIDE the show, to be honest – the tea is hottest within the rumour mill, like this wild allegation that Mikey’s dad slept with his wife on the show, Natasha.

I have to be honest – this is the first I’ve heard of the rumour, and I religiously watch the show and follow all the drama online. Still, if Mikey felt the need to address it – which he has done, on NOVA 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa Show this morning.

Basically, Stacey told New Idea that Mikey told HER he’d heard Natasha was banging his dad.

“Mikey said, ‘I’m pretty sure [Natasha] hooked up with my dad (or at least) I’m pretty sure she’s hooking up with my dad,” she told the publication.

Natasha, according to New Idea, denied the allegations.  Mikey was asked about it on Fitzy & Wippa.

“No it’s not true, it’s ridiculous. Stacey and Natasha, now they’re best friends, were not friends at all during the show, went head to head, didn’t see eye to eye at all. Now they are all best friends, because alliances are happening, this is peak season for throwing people under the bus, so there have been a lot of accidents. Obviously they’d come together, it looks like they’ve come up with this story, I’m just going off the front page.”

What is going ON. He went on to explain his dad is, obviously, quite pissed.

“He’s not happy about it, he’s like why are I getting involved in this stuff, he was against me doing it in the first place, the last thing I want to do is get my family involved…He would never do something like that, it would be completely weird, but it’s just so farfetched. From what I know, they’ve never caught up.”

And then makes it absolutely clear his dad and his wife did not boink.

“Let me clear his name, I know for 100% absolute certainty that he would never and has never slept with Natasha or done anything like it, messaged or anything, I completely have his back.”

He confirms all of this is brought up at the reunion, so chances are we’ll see it go down on TV – great news for us MAFS fans. My god. The tea.