Here’s What Everyone Got Up To After A Few Shandies At The 2018 Met Gala

Yes yes ok the glitz and glamour and splendour of the red carpet/sweeping staircase of the annual Met Gala is all well and good for us to lust over all the looks and extreme “what the fuck were you thinking” moments of the big event, but we all know what we’re here for.

We wanna see all the celebs let their hair down, chuck back a couple of glasses of bubbly, and let loose on their Instagram stories.

It’s the content we’re here for. I need it. I CRAVE it. I just want to know that these people are just as fucked on the ‘gram as we all are at 2am on a Saturday night after an evening of booze and karaoke.

So let me present to you, our annual round-up of #GreatContent from the very beautiful people that we shamelessly follow.

Janelle Monaé doing LITERALLY NOTHING to quell those rumours about Tessa Thompson

These women genuinely do not give a shit and I FUCKING LOVE IT.

Hi sorry how do I get adopted into this perfect family of humans thank you.

Karlie Kloss found the bathroom a year too late

After last year’s huge selfie of everyone in the dusty-coloured tiled bathroom, Karlie Kloss grabbed Tiffany Haddish and Priyanka Chopa for a more ~subtle~ selfie that prooooobably didn’t smash a toilet bowel/ruin the place.

Eva Chen squishing literally everyone in for a photo

Nothing screams “look at how cool we are” than a huge group photo with all your famous friends. Who’s even IN this?? There’s SZAKim Kardashian, a hiding Cole SprouseBella HadidKendall Jenner, and who I have been alerted to as being “the Instagram dude”. Fuck me sideways it’s like the richest Where’s Wally ever.

Lily Collins nicked off for a bath

Probably (understandably) fed up with the chaos of the whole event, Lily Collins – yes, Phil Collins’ daughter – buggered off for a bath. No reports as to whether she made it to the after party but it’d be a shame to take that dress home early tbh.

Ruby Rose nabbed a photo with everyone’s legit queen, Frances McDormand

This photo is unadulterated power with two wildly strong women and hoo boy I need to lie down for a while aye. Ruby Rose Frances McDormand giving you “don’t you fucking cross me” looks.

Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner took a selfie “like all the models”

Probably the most I’ve ever identified with the Girls girls is right in this very moment. Taking a hot minute at the top of the stairs to snap a gorgeously unprepared photo that probably would cost me a fuckload of followers. Bless.

Shawn Mendes probably got a great boomerang here


Madge took everyone to church

Truly there is nothing I can add to this but of COURSE Madonna belted out ‘Like A Prayer’ for this year’s Met Gala. She took us all to chonch because we’re all need to repent our damned sins. Forgive me, my saviour.

It’s only expected that some of these folks are now partying on the tables at 3.26am. Go hard, my dudes. Go hard.