Everyone Mistook This Bloke For Jared Leto At The Met, Which In Most Languages Is An Insult

No, this is not Jared Leto. However, everyone and their nonna were stumbling over themselves today after they mistook this poor chap for everyone’s least favourite 50-year-old (alleged) cult leader.

Before we get into the real identity of this Jared-lookalike, let us take a moment to observe what the internet was like when this mysterious man walked onto the Met Gala red carpet.


Jared Leto attends the 2022 Met Gala vibes. In a silver Iris Van Herpen jumpsuit, no less. Quite an unexpected move from someone who usually wears Gucci tuxes.


And of course, there were a few memes appearing around. Nothing like some biblically accurate Jared Leto to start the Met Gala proceedings, right?

As you are probably aware, this man is absolutely not Jared Leto.

The man you are looking at here is Fredrik Robertsson, the editor in chief of Boy magazine. Yes, he looks eerily like Jared Leto, but it’s probably something to do with them both being white.

I should have known this eye makeup was too perfect to be on the face of Jared. Truly only a member of the LGBTQ+ could pull off a look this eccentric and gorgeous. Just my opinion.

Once everyone started to realise that this man was Robertsson and not Leto, publications started to change their articles, Insta posts were deleted and even Getty Images had to make a quickfire change or two. Comedy writes itself.


Not long after the real Jared Leto arrived with Alessandro Michele by his side. Michele was dressed like a Jared Leto clone, which adds just a touch of extra humour to this whole situation.

So ultimately there were three Jared Letos at the Met Gala. Gorgeous stuff. The Scorpio in Anna Wintour is probably tingling with excitement right now. You can’t plan this kinda stuff.

I really do hope Jared Leto and Fredrik Robertsson bump heads at the Met Gala and get confused. However, Robertsson probably has no idea that the media has mistaken him for Jared. He’s probably off having the best time with the rest of the Gilded Glamour girlies.

Now someone arrive at the Met Gala as a fourth Jared. Please.