Here it comes, folks! It’s comin’. It’s on the bloody way. It’s nearly here.

The cool change.

The cool change.

It’s arriving in Melbourne soon. Matter of minutes. It’s gonna happen.

The shift in winds is expected to blow across the Melbourne CBD at about 2:30pm, shaving off the rough edges of the ungodly heat that has seen the city peak at around 42 degrees and giving us all some sweet godforsaken relief.

Look at this beautiful sonofabitch.

I don’t even know what any of that shit is and it’s still the horniest fucken thing I’ve seen all week.

It’s already swept over Geelong, taking temperatures from 44 down to 31 in a matter of minutes. Melbourne’s expected to cop a similar temperature drop of about 12 – 13 degrees inside around 15 minutes once the winds turn.

And I tell you what, the punters are absolutely loving it.

It’s incredible stuff, the cool change. It brings everyone together.

It’s nearly here folks. You can feel it in the bones.

She comin’.

The cool change.

She on the way, baby.