Grab Yr Golf Clubs ’Coz Melbourne Just Got Hit With Huge Hailstones In Mid-Summer

melbourne hail

In news that would’ve been half-surprising before climate change royally fucked us, Melbourne is copping golf ball-sized hail in the middle of the bushfire crisis.

Across the country this week we’ve seen flooding, bushfires, huge blankets of smoke and now, huge hail stones. It is truly apocalyptic stuff.

[jwplayer VXuzC0RM]

A quick look at the Victoria Emergency website shows warnings for thunderstorms and hail, bushfires, flooding and poor air quality. All within one state.

The Victorian Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the inner east and southeast of Melbourne.

According to the warning, hail stones of “up to 5cm in diameter” have been reported in areas such as Glen Iris.

Residents in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs were quick to share photos and videos of the literal golf balls falling from the sky.

The same #MelbWeather hashtag that was sharing smoke-filled skies earlier in the week is now depicting severe thunderstorms across much of the city.

The giant hail stones have been seen as far north as Templestowe, right down to the southern suburbs of Elwood and St Kilda.

The State Emergency Service warns people in impacted areas to secure loose outdoor items, stay inside and away from windows wherever possible and to stay informed on weather warnings on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

If you’re driving, the SES advises to pull over away from trees, drains or low-lying areas if conditions become dangerous.

If golf ball-sized hail in the middle of the worst bushfire season we’ve seen in years isn’t enough to convince you that climate change is real, I truly don’t know what will.