FYI, “Dust Rain” Is The Reason Why Melbourne Looks Like God Copped The Squirts Overnight

A band of rain and the lingering after effects of a massive dust storm in the Mallee region have conspired to turn Melbourne a lovely shade of rusty brown overnight, leaving pools and rivers dirt brown and muddying up cars across the city.

[jwplayer pOY47Nlb]

The rather unusual phenomena was the result of a duo of weather issues happening at the same time in the same place. Remnants of the massive dust clouds near the NSW border are said to have drifted down across the Victorian capital; a not-unusual occurrence that was largely invisible to the casual observer.

However the large band of rain that swept across the city last night forced the dust to the ground, raining rusty brown water virtually all night long.

The Yarra River, snaking through the centre of the city, has turned a muddy brown – or, specifically, a more muddier brown than it usually is.

Meanwhile residents cars and pools copped it sweet, with the dust rain heralding the start of a bumper long weekend for the automated car wash and pool cleaning industries in the city.

The rain was also enough to close Burnley Station due to flooding, with trains skipping the station across the morning commute.

From today, weather in Melbourne is expected to improve significantly, with rain clearing mid-morning and winds easing throughout the day, ahead of a pleasant and – dare I say it – sunny and mild patch of days for the long weekend.

This has been Weather Corner.