Brace Yr Sweaty Nips ‘Cos A Heatwave Is Set To Wreak Havoc Across Australia This Week

Although we’ve seen a teenie weenie bit of mercy from El Niño in the last couple of days, it’s all just a cheeky little distraction for the upcoming heat spike that’s about to warm up several cities across Australia. So ya better prepare for days of sweaty nips, especially with the grand final weekend upon us.

It looks like Satan is about to sit their ass-crack on the Earth’s crust, ‘cos according to the Baddies Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), temperatures are going to increase in Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide towards the end of September. AKA this week.

As per, Bureau senior meteorologist Sarah Scully claimed 30-plus degree heat is expected to hit northern parts of ‘Straya from Tuesday arvo before it extends down to northern parts of New South Wales towards the end of the week. Yeeeeouch.

“This high pressure system in the (Great Australian) Bite starts to dominate, bringing clear skies and allowing those temperatures to start to build which is what we see particularly about the far western WA, pushing up into the mid-30s,” Scully said, as per the publication.

“In fact, it’s from Wednesday onwards and towards the end of the week that record-breaking heat may occur across WA.

“As we move into Thursday, it’s pretty much rain-free right across the continent.”

The senior meteorologist also said that Perth is set to experience a top of 34℃ on Wednesday, and Brisbane will also see a top of 31℃ on Wednesday. So please, WA and QLD girlies, clutch your Hydroflasks and stay hydrated.

With the heat spike looming across Down Under, there have been concerns over the massive grand final weekend. In case you’re not a sports girlie — which is so A-OK ‘cos I’ve only recently become a sports aficionado with big WAG dreams — there are two grand finals happening, the AFL and the NRL (if I’ve missed any, I’m so sorry).

According to Scully, fans who are attending the AFL final — which will be held in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) — can expect to see a top of 28℃ with warm and sunny conditions.

“It’ll be really pleasant weather and warm weather for the long weekend,” she said, as per

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Although it’ll be sunshine and rainbows, she recommends being sun-safe as the UV index is expected to be high.

As for Sydneysiders who will be attending the NRL final, it is a whole different story.

“We’re forecasting a maximum of 35℃ at Olympic Park on Sunday, but the upside is the grand final is a night game,” Scully said, as per the publication.

“It’ll be high 20s at the start of the game but then decrease throughout the game.

“However, the women’s finals game at 4pm will be at the peak heat which will be an added challenge.”

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Scully added that things will cool down in NSW on Monday, however, a gusty cold front could “elevate fire dangers”.

If you’re already sick of the heat, scientists say the summer period to end around February next year.

In a statement, the BoM said: “Climate model outlooks suggest this El Nino is likely to continue until at least the end of the southern hemisphere summer 2023–24.”

With that being said, it’s time to invest in some ultra-strong SPF 108080803840+ sunscreen and a giant-size Bunning’s sombrero to battle this week’s scorcher.

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