The 50C Heatwave Is Staying For Another Week So I Guess I’ll Just Fry An Egg On My Nips

50c heatwave weather event australia hot

Hope you love that wheely chair in your study because you’re about to stick to it like glue ‘cos the forecasted heatwave that’s hitting 50C in some areas has decided to extend his stay in Australia. Just gonna say it, I already miss La Niña and her wet weather. I don’t care how hot her brother is.

The Banshees of Meteorology (BoM) told us last week that a scorching wave of fire and brimstone would be heading to Australia’s eastern states and territories from the west. WA and the NT are no strangers to playing in the fire, but did they really have to go and give us easterners a turn too?

BoM defines a heatwave as a series of at least three days where the minimum and maximum temperatures reach “unusually hot” levels. It was supposed to end by Monday (which according to my melted calendar is today) but will instead stick around for another week and move south.

South Australia and Tasmania are now going to cop the heat more than NSW and Queensland now, which is lovely news for some and godawful news for others.

Adelads, expect to be scorched with 38C weather by Thursday at the latest. Tasmaniacs, crank up the AC and do not leave your house, it’s about to get extremely hot.

“There is still a fair bit of heat lingering on,” said Sky News Weather Meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

“You can see that heat flowing down in the northeasterly winds over SA.”

Queensland and NSW are forecast to be hit with thunderstorms by Thursday, which should slightly distract from the humidity. Can’t wait to tell people my sweaty body from all of this heat is just soaked because of the rain. The perfect disguise.

By Saturday, it is predicted that the heatwave will roll over to Victoria, gifting all the Melburnians some 36C weather.

ACT and the Northern Territory will be given no reprieve during this endless onslaught of heat, hitting temps in the 30s without much sign of rain or relief. God’s punishment for his least favourite place (Canberra).

Stay safe out there folks and make sure you wear sunscreen for your trips from the bed to the kitchen. Lord knows our houses are basically ovens these days.