Now, look. Before we begin here we need to stress that we are both well aware that the regular passage of time means this kind of thing happens on the reg at the same time every year. And we know that in the grand scheme of things we’re talking about Australian-level cold here, which is real cold in the same way that Deb is “real” mashed potato.

But by that same token, it’s not the goddamned stone ages anymore. We don’t actively prepare to survive the cold months anymore. It’s a modern world, there’s a lot of shit on. It gets warm and then there’s mojitos to drink and nachos to eat and way too much shit on TV and then all of a sudden it’s June and we’re not fucking ready.

And we’re especially not ready for this, even after suffering through a nasty band of super storms that dumped a crapload of water on the east coast, flooded large parts of Northern Tasmania, and wreaked havoc on ocean-side properties in some areas of NSW.

A nasty-lookin’ cold snap is gonna send temperatures plummeting down to proper winter-like levels for the first time this season, and will bring snow that will fall potentially as far north as Queensland.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting that the cold snap will arrive in South Australia by Thursday, before sweeping through Victoria, Tasmanian, the ACT, and NSW by Friday.

Snow has already begun falling at ski resorts, but the forecast calls for as much as 60cm of snow, with snowfall predicted down to about 700 metres in Victoria.

Melbourne‘s forecast calls for the temperature to drop to a maximum of 11 degrees on Friday, and it’s not going to get much warmer than that until after next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Sydney will hover around 15 for most of the weekend, but icy blasts of wind will make that feel much, much colder.

Canberra‘s top temperature for the weekend will peak at around 11 on Friday, and if you’re harbouring dreams of double-digit maximums on Saturday and Sunday, you can bloody well forget it. And it’s similar news for Hobart, which has got both that and rain on the way.

Brisbane is largely being spared the worst of it this time, but the cold snap is expected to bring snow as far north as the Granite Belt in southern Queensland at the peak of the system on Friday night.

Might be time to consider self-immolation as a means of staying out of the worst of it, dear friends.

Brace Yer Nips, ‘Cos A Shitty Cold Front Might Bring Snow To QLD This W/E

Source: of Meteorology.

Photo: Twitter.