Whip Out Your Fuzzy Jim-Jams & Hot Water Botties ‘Cos Winter Weather Is Coming For Eastern Aus

Buckle up everyone, ‘cos it’s that time of year again. Winter is poking its frosty little head around the corner. Time to stop playing Lorde’s Solar Power album and transition back to Pure Heroin.

The cold weather front was confirmed to be bringing rain to NSW and Victoria over the weekend. Now the BOM’s said that Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and parts of south-west Queensland are due for chilly temperatures for at least the next week.

BOM meteorologist Dean Narramore told News.com.au this coming Wednesday and Thursday would be “our first burst of winter”.

“It’ll bring with it showers, gusty winds, even small hail and maybe even snow even down at 1000m,” he said.

Winter fans, rejoice! You won’t have to be constantly sticky anymore.

Narramore also said the winds would be chilly. Even if the temperature on your iPhone looks toasty, deffo suss that wind chill factor before you step out of the house in some snazzy shorts. It might even be time to dig out your scarves from the bottom of the ‘ol IKEA wardrobe. There’s nothing worse than being woefully unprepared for cold weather.

Great news for anyone who lives in old, poorly insulated sharehouses. Instead of being stupidly humid and hot inside your house, it’ll now be freezing cold in there! Time to whip out the Oodie again methinks.

King Dr Karl Kruszelnicki gave an update on all the rain too. I hope he has a suitably colourful raincoat.

“We’re stuck in the short term with a couple of months [of rain],” he told the Today show on Saturday.

“It looks like it’s going to get worse maybe ’til June, and then things are up in the air.”

When he was asked about whether all the rain was the new normal, Dr Karl went in on the root cause: global warming. King shit.

“We can stop and reverse global warming which is the cause of it all, and drop our carbon emission by 95 per cent in ten years if we decide,” he said.

“But whether we decided to or not depends on the influence of the fossil fuel companies.”

I’ll be pondering that while browsing funky new winter jumpers on Depop.