Ppl Are Calling Out The Harry & Meghan Doco For Sneaking Misleading Clips Into The Trailer

Netflix has been called out online for using random and misleading footage from all over the place in the trailer for their upcoming Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “bombshell” doco.

The second trailer for the aptly titled Harry & Meghan dropped on Monday and in no time folks pointed out that some of the clips seemed out of place.

In the trailer we see the royal couple fleeing the paparazzi and dealing with the stresses of constantly having the world’s eye on them. However, most of the paparazzi footage was from other worldwide occasions.

Viewers noticed a peculiar image of Harry shielding cameras away from him and Meghan in the trailer, supposedly when the two were married.

However, the picture was taken long before he met even Meghan. The photo used was actually from 2007 when Harry was still dating businesswoman Chelsy Davy.


Then there was an image of a massive group of paparazzi waiting to get a gorgeous picture of the royal couple.

This pic was actually from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere red carpet event in 2011. 

Maybe the girls and gays at Netflix googled “Harry paparazzi pics” and took the first one they found?

At one point in the trailer, you can see a shifty cameraman “spying” on Harry and Meghan from a balcony as they walk through Cape Town.

This photo was allegedly completely agreed upon and organised but is now being used to suggest people are watching the royal duo from all angles without their permission. Shifty!!


Then there’s that wild footage of paparazzi goons running with the fury of seven Gods in their heels to get the money shot of the People’s Prince and Princess.

But the chase had nothing to do with Harry or Meghan — the footage was actually taken when paparazzi were gunning for UK model Katie Price as she left court.

And last but certainly not least is the footage used of paparazzi running wildly towards a car. So wildly in fact that the footage is blurrier than my Nonna’s eyes.

The person in the car? ‘Twas neither Meghan nor Harry. ‘Twas not even a member of the royal family.

It was actually Donald Trump‘s former lawyer Michael Cohen heading off to prison in 2019.

I know Harry is pretty orange up top but he’s not THAT orange, is he? I guess Netflix really needed paparazzi footage.


What I’m confused about is why this even happened in the first place. Harry and Meghan have genuinely been hounded by the media for years — surely there’s some footage around of them escaping paparazzi in a frenzy?

Maybe Netflix couldn’t get the rights to said footage and used a bunch of clips from other popular events? Who knows the truth, really?