SA’s Big Lobster Is Being Auctioned If You’re Keen For A Literal Sea Change

We’re not saying you should immediately consider a change of career, but if – on the off chance – you’re hankering to buy into a piece of pure Australian history, then you’d better start reachin’ for the ole’ cheque book. Opportunities like this one are few and far between.

This Friday represents your chance to be a trusted custodian of our country’s blessed “Big” things, with the mighty Big Lobster going under the hammer.

The Big Lobster  – Larry the Lobster if you’re nasty – will be put up for auction this coming Friday, with the highest bidder becoming not only the keeper of the crustacean, but the brand new owner of the accompanying restaurant and function centre.

Laz, the big sod, is situated right smack dab on the highway in the South Australian town of Kingston, about an hour and a half’s drive north of Mount Gambier, right at the start of the Great Ocean Road. Since he found his way to the 4,200 sq metre tract of land, Larry’s held court over the area coming in at a hefty 17 metres high, 15 metres wide, and 13 metres long. AKA a very big boy.

Folks familiar with the comedic stylings of Hamish and/or Andy might be aware of Larry thanks to a 2016 campaign aimed at saving the then-ailing big man from destruction, under the hashtag #PinchAMate.

Laz has since undergone a $50,000 makeover, breathing new life into the 40-year-old beast and setting him up for one hell of a midlife renaissance.

The auction is scheduled for this Friday at 11:30am, just in case you have a whole mess of cash burning a hole in yr sky rocket and have been battling the urge to pack up shop and run an iconic tourist stop in a frankly idyllic setting. If nothing else it’s a hell of an entry to shove on the ole’ LinkedIn profile.

Go on. Show Larry some love.