Let me set the scene – paint a picture, if you will.

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It’s a Friday night. (Yay.) You find yourself at an exquisite, overpriced restaurant, celebrating some sort of milestone. (A birthday, perhaps.)

You’re really excited because you haven’t tasted beautifully-expensive food in a hot minute. You also haven’t flexed in a while, so you’re looking to post an Instagram that has people commenting “OMG JEL”, “save some for me!” and “straight fiyahhhh.”

Understandably, you can only afford one meal, so you dish out a week’s worth of rent on the “lobster à la nature”.

When it arrives, though, it’s literally half a teaspoon of lobster with once spinach leaf. Damn.

How’s that leaf, Sharon?

It’s definitely ‘grammable, and Chrystal from work will think you’re balling for sure, but what Chrystal won’t see is you legging it to a 7-Eleven afterwards to stuff your face with whatever you could find because you were so hungry.

No amount of Valencia filtering will disguise the fact that you’re unsatisfied, Sharon.

This is why ugly cooking – creating a meal that is hearty, nourishing and messy as all hell – is the latest trend we’re all jumping behind in 2019. That curated foodporn is so last year.

Besides, it’s such a liberating feeling when you eradicate the pressure of making food look good, focusing instead on packing your meal with ingredients that’ll make your tummy sing. The best meals come from spontaneity and slight-chaos, after all.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, remember? Your aforementioned tummy couldn’t give a literal fart how it looked before entering the digestive system. Tea.

It’s time to whip out our chef’s hats, marinate in the glory of our not-so-aesthetically-pleasing concoctions and laugh at those hungry souls eating a teaspoon of lobster with one spinach leaf. *Unsubscribed*

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