PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney to take a look back at ya fave Disney and Pixar flicks.

If you have all the time in the world, I’d suggest setting aside one week to conquer all of Disneyland California’s rides, and two months to conquer all the restaurants and food carts while you’re there.

If work’s being a real stick in the mud and won’t let you take off two teeny, tiny months, I’ve gathered all the food I personally went bonkers over so you can save yourselves some time trolling for that choc dip.


Well, well, well, what do we have ‘ere?

To all the milkshake enthusiasts, today’s your lucky day – Disneyland has ramped it up a notch.

This Sorcerer Mickey Milkshake is essentially heaven in a cup. Plus, it slaps so hard it almost got a court order.


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#SundaySnacks – *NEW* Maine Lobster Quesadilla from the newly opened Craftsman Bar at the Grand Californian Hotel pool area. So yummy and definitely large enough to split with a group! The ‘Maine Lobster Quesadilla’ is a flour tortilla, Monterey Jack, queso fresco, caramelized onions, roasted corn relish, sour cream, and spicy mayo. Swipe to see their full food menu & pricing. • @disneyland @disneywithjanella #disneywithjanella #disney #disneyland #dlr #disneyday #disneyannualpassholder #disneyap #disneyphotography #disneygram #disneyig #instadisney #eatdisneyland #foodsofdisneyland #disneylandfoodies #disneyfood @disneyeats @disneyfoodblog #fantasylandfoodies #DisneySnackTime #grandcalifornianhotel #craftsmanbar #mainelobsterquesadilla #lobster #quesadilla #HappiestPlace #liveatdisneyland

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I personally never consider ordering lobster anything here in Melbs because I just assume it’s way out of my price range and I don’t want to give myself false hope.

Lobster in Disneyland on the other hand? It’s everywhere. I swear it found its way into my shoes when I left and no, that’s not because I hid it in my shoes when I left. Smuggling lobster into Australia is a crime and I refuse to implicate myself further than I already have.


Okay so we’ve all heard about the new Stars Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that opened a coupla months ago, yes? Yes.

While all the hype was directed at the new ride and the insane detail that went into the park, people are starting to take notice of the food they’re dishing out too.

Case in point: the glorious Felucian Garden Spread (above) that almost looks too good to eat – a saying which bugs the living jeebers out of me because not one person has ever refrained from eating food because it ‘looks too good’.

And if you have, you’re a fool.


I’m not saying that I’d trade in a dear friend for another Mickey macaroon, but all I know is that I have multiple dear friends and exactly zero macaroons.

You do the math.


You can never go wrong with a good ol’ spud – especially if said spud is crammed with BBQ chicken and a whole lotta sour cream.

When I become rich I’m buying enough sour cream to fill a bathtub with and will proceed to spend multiple hours a day marinating in the white gold.


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Omg this shot of the tofu and vegetable skewers by @travelingveganeats ????????????⁣ ⁣ These are available at Paradise Garden Grill in California Adventure. They are part of the "regular" menu that appears between seasonal events. The next seasonal menu here will be for Halloween. ⁣ ⁣ The only modification needed to veganize this dish is to switch out the rice pilaf (the chef told me that it has egg in the bits of pasta in it) for regular white rice. Then choose either the chimichurri sauce or the spicy chili sauce, they are both vegan (the tzatziki sauce contains dairy). The chef said that the pita bread is indeed vegan. . By the way, today was the last day of the Red Car Trolley News Boys and I am sobbing ???? See my stories for clips of the last performance, which they made extra special with more advanced acrobatics and a great ending with all the different casts.

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It took me a hot sec to jump on the tofu train but now that I’m on it, I’m riding it all the way to soy street.

I’m also a serious sucker for anything on a skewer so consider me sold.


As an Australian, I got quite a shock when I went to demolish some fried chicken and found a rogue scone on my plate.

How’d it get there? Where’s the jam? Where’s the cream? Where’s the tea? Where’s my mind?

Turns out it was not a scone, but what they call a ‘biscuit’ in the States and yes, it deserved its place on the plate.


Okay, I couldn’t actually find a photo of the waffle fries poutine that I crammed in my gob so fast I almost choked, but essentially it looks exactly like the photo above just, y’know, with waffle fries.

A Canadian dish with a Disney twist, my word what a sight.

Final pro tip: if you’re into themed food based on your favourite Disney characters, you won’t be able to swing a Mick without hitting someone who sells it.

That type of food is everywhere at Disneyland.

Image: Disneyland