A rite of passage when going on a road trip anywhere in Australia is seeing at least one (1) fucking giant thing on your travels. It’s simply not a drive through country Australia without passing some big version of whatever that town’s known for. The Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, the Big Koala, the Big Potato that looks like a giant turd — we’ve got ’em all. But which one of these big bitches is the best of the lot? The people have spoken, and now we know.

Clearly fed up with everyone and their dog claiming that the Big Thing nearest to them is the country’s most elite giant mascot, ABC Rural’s Warwick Long decided to end the debate once and for all. He pulled a bunch of the beloved lordge icons from around the country into a massive bracket, and pitted them against each other with a public polling.

Everything from the Big Peanut in Kingaroy, Queensland, to Kurri Kurri’s Big Kookaburra and the Big Wheelbarrow in Wedgefield, WA featured among the 64 entrants, and today the champion was crowned.

It was a neck and neck race between Larry the Big Lobster (which you can find near Kingston in South Australia) and everyone’s fave Hume Highway piss stop — Rambo the Big Merino in Goulburn. People went hard on the campaign trail to push for their beloved thing to take the title, with Larry stans (not to be confused with Larry Stylinson stans) flooding feeds with calls to vote for their favourite crustacean that can be seen from space.

After a tight 24hr battle between the two iconic road trip legends, Larry the Lobby nudged ahead on Tuesday morning to snatch the crown with 52.9% of the vote. Good lord, the big bitch really did win by a mere oceanic whisker, didn’t he?

Incredible that after all this time, it still came down to the four big things we love the most: the Pineapple, the Banana, the Merino, and the big, terrifying, extremely-realistic Lobster, and the lobby came out on top.

I welcome our powerful new pinchy overlord, long may he reign and oversee weary travellers doing the drive to the hellmouth, despite not having a massive set of balls around the back like the Big Merino.

Image: Instagram / @jill_jones__ / @hammdoggy