Anyone who has ever slandered Australia’s newspaper duopoly has never really examined the sheer depth and breadth of options available to the nation’s readers. After all, how can News Corp and Fairfax be accused of homogenising the market when the NT News – replete with a designated UFO and croc reporter – sits cosily next to the staid and responsible takes available in the Herald Sun?

Now, thanks to the arrival of celebrity couple / portmanteau Hiddleswift, another tabloid has officially carved out their niche the country’s rich media landscape. Oh yes, you better believe The Gold Coast Bulletin today welcomed their new overlords to the city, while essentially handing Taylor Swift an editorial position:

While the Walkleys are likely devising an award for T-Swizzle right now, her and apparent partner Tom Hiddlestone have managed to stay largely out of the spotlight. FWIW, Hiddlestone – who is Down Under to work on the latest installment of Thordid go for a run before meeting a young fan… in case that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in knowing. 

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For more information, you might have to join the press gang that are camped outside their digs. Surely, while they wait, they’re busy at work crafting their own super-spicy Swift lyric headlines, but the pinnacle may have already been reached.

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Source and photo: Gold Coast Bulletin / Twitter.