Taylor Swift And Blake Lively Shut Down Movie World On The GC For Hangs

Not one celebrity has graced the Aussie leg of Taylor Swift‘s 1989 World Tour – despite there being an unusually high number of famous people on our shores right now, including Ed Sheeran, Ryan Reynolds and Oprah fucking Winfrey – but they *are* there… you just have to know where to look.

Like the standing area of her Brisbane concert last Saturday, where Blake Lively and her glorious locks were seen dodging fans’ requests for selfies.

Blake is currently in Australia filming The Shallows on Lorde Howe Island – as is her husbo Ryan, on a prelim press trip for Deadpool and, unlike the Sunrise crew and remainder of Aussie media, is actually allowed to hang out with TayTay while she’s here.

The pair shut down Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast for a day of F.U.N on Sunday – a day that lent itself to this gleeful jump-in-air snap.

We have zero idea what they got up, but imagine there was sharing of fairy floss, plotting for world domination and discussions about who would win in a deathmatch between Calvin and Ryan. 
The theme park wouldn’t comment on their outing, other than to say it was a “private visit”.
Much blonde, very cute, The End.