Prince George & Princess Charlotte Make The Cut For The Louis-Free Royal Bridal Party

In what is surely the spurning of the century, the incredibly fragile 20-something-day-old Prince Louis will not be included in the bridal party at the royal wedding, despite the inclusion of his two elder siblings, both of whom can move under their own power.

Kensington Palace announced today that William and Charlotte‘s eldest two had made it into the group of ten children chosen to be part of the bridal party for Saturday’s wedding.

Because Britain is a made-up place that has all of the adorable, kitschy practices and customs of a Renaissance festival, the child participants in the bridal party are divided into bridesmaids and page boys. The bridesmaids for the royal wedding will be Princess Charlotte (mentioned previously), Florence van Cutsem (Harry‘s goddaughter), Remi Litt (Meghan‘s goddaughter), Rylan Litt (ditto), Zalie Warren (Harry’s goddaughter), and Ivy Mulroney (Meghan’s mate’s daughter). The page boys will be Prince George (you know him – little guy, chubby cheeks), Jasper Dyer (Harry’s godson), Brian Mulroney (Ivy’s brother), and John Mulroney (Brian’s brother).

I know you’re impatient as hell to find out the details about their respective dresses and uniforms but, unfortunately, the palace says that critical information won’t be made available until the day.