Bec + Bridge’s New Bridesmaids Collection Is All Dresses You’d 10/10 Wear Again

If you’re getting married soon – or more importantly, are one of the bridesmaids in your mates wedding party, and said mate has completely lost their mind and basically handed the decision regarding bridesmaids dresses over to you and the fellow bridesmaids, and one of those said bridesmaids WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED is currently trying to convince everyone that skintight metallic gold tube dresses are going to look fantastic on everyone, but especially on her size 6 frame… breathe a sigh of relief.

Bec + Bridge, the Aussie fashion label known for their supremely flattering, chic and feminine shapes – has branched out into bridesmaid dresses.

Yes, yes – many of us were shopping their slips and so on as bridesmaids dresses already. But guys, this is an entire collection geared toward weddings. That means simple designs that suit a multitude of body shapes/sizes. It means bride-friendly shades like soft pink and ivory. And it means a collection where all the items work seamlessly together, meaning you literally CAN do that thing where you get one style, and your mate with the big boobies gets another, and you both look 100/10 walking down the aisle in front of your bestie.

Some stand-outs? The All Night dress:

The hyper-feminine Endless Love dress:

The sexy-beach-wedding vibes of the Kiss Me Cut Out dress:

The painfully chic Forever Young dress:

And the could-legit-be-a-wedding-dress Moon Dance Cowl dress:

The dresses run from a size 6 to size 14, prices range from $220 – $800, and they’re available online now.

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