Just Gonna Say It: Fruity Vodka Can Also Be For Grown Ups, Thank You Very Much

There is no feeling more glorious or more dignified than the first sip of fruity vodka premix on a warm Saturday afternoon. Picture this: it’s early January, life hasn’t started yet — work, uni, it’s all a distant responsibility you currently have no business fretting about, for current you is in heaven; current you is sipping a watermelon and guava vodka surrounded by friends and well-wishers.

Life is good, you think, as you take another sip.

Lesser minds might say beer is the ultimate quencher, lesser minds might make fun of The Fruitiness, they may be inclined to mutter it’s not for grown-ups. My guy, these lesser minds have not lived.

The joy of vodka premix does not end with the sun. Nothing compliments crisp winter air like a delicious vodka premix.

I have for you another gem of wisdom to share — Mishka is hosting a fun event celebrating confidence, self-expression, and positivity among human interaction — and you’re invited.

The ‘Mix It Up A Little‘ event will take place on Thursday, April 13 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Harbourside Room. Tix will set you back $20 but grant you access to a night hearing from legends who have started a successful side hustle and even turned it into their main business.

You’ll be joining media and influencers enjoying the festivities which will include a DJ, canapes, and drinks.

Go on, treat yourself.