A bunch of gin and vodka premix bevvies bought at stores across the country have been recalled due to a packaging issue, with fears the tin lids of the drinks popping off like nobody’s business and could hurt someone.

The urgent recall has been made for the Pink Gin Soda, Vodka Soda, and Vodka Soda Black bottles from Ampersand Projects – those voddy soda tin bottles – with specific batch codes. Food Standards Australia reported that the batches were being sold at Dan Murphy’s, BWS, independent grog shops and bars, and online everywhere bar South Australia.

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The affected batches and their best before dates to look out for are the following ones, if you’re suddenly alerting the hoon group chat or rifling through the grog cupboard/back shed to see if you need to deal with some suddenly-alarming fizzy bois:

Pink Gin Soda:

  • Batch LC14: BB: 05.08.23
  • Batch LC13: BB: 23.08.23 – 25.08.23
  • Batch LC18: BB: 01.09.23 – 03.09.23

Vodka Soda

  • Batch LC11: BB: 14.08.23 – 16.08.23

Vodka Soda Black

  • Batch LC12: BB: 10.08.23 – 13.08.23

If you find one of these vodka or gin bevs hiding up the back of the cupboard, the recall alert recommends that you don’t open or drink the affected tinnie, and dispose of it safely (read: away from your body).

If you need some more help with how exactly to dispose of your new hand grenade tin of piss or you’re after a refund from the Ampersand booze barons, you can get in touch with them through the company’s website, or through the details posted by Food Standards Australia.

So alert the group chat if anyone’s partial to a vodka soda, or pink gin and soda, and make sure everyone does a good review of their grog stash. I’m absolutely doing a mental stocktake of all the booze in my house right now after this recall, and I’m about 80% sure there’s some on my desk in the office. Sorry, boss.

Image: Instagram / @cannonsgoogong