Four Corners Asked A Hacker If Aussies Are An ‘Attractive Target’ & He Fkn Reamed Us

a stock image of a hacker, to represent a REvil hacker

Four Corners spoke to a hacker who claims to have worked for REvil — the infamous cyber gang linked to the Medibank hack — and the edgelord had a lot to say about Aussies being an “attractive target”.

REvil — short for Ransomware Evil — is a “ransomware-as-a-service” provider. It doesn’t necessarily hack into companies’ data itself; it’s more like other hackers (known as affiliates) use its malware, and then REvil provides the service of dealing with the ransom.

When the ransom is paid, both the hacker and REvil take a cut. REvil alone is thought to have raked in hundreds of millions.

But in just 2022 alone, Australia lost $3.1 billion to scams. So, this is clearly a growing area of concern.

Kerasid, the hacker Four Corners spoke to, claimed REvil was involved in last year’s Medibank hack, which saw the personal details of millions of Aussies exposed on the dark web — including the details of women who had had abortions, in an obviously misogynistic attack.

When asked why Aussies were targeted, he said we were easy pickings because we’re a) stupid and b) rich.

“Australians are the most stupidest (sic) humans alive,” he told Four Corners.

“And they have a lot of money for no reason. Alot (sic) of money and no sense at all .”

Honestly, tell that to my cost of living crisis.

When asked if he cared about the distress the hack had caused to everyday people, Kerasid said he “could not care less”.

He then shared a bunch of those cringe/millennial laughing-with-tears emojis I now associate with men trolling women online, and then claimed he’s made millions out of hacking — but insisted that he was “humble”.

“Don’t get me wrong I have cars, watches, houses but the most important thing to me is family and my wife,” he said.

Love that reinforcement that he IS rich, but he doesn’t need to brag about it, but he IS rich.

The hacker then also claimed he was a key leader of REvil, which honestly seems a little suss given there are only two leaders and the one he claims to be hasn’t posted online in ages.

Four Corners obviously couldn’t substantiate his claims, but ya have to wonder how much of this is real and how much is just a game.