At least one hacker has been taking control of a bunch of submissive mens’ smartphone-activated chastity cages and attempting to hold their dicks for ransom, Motherboard reports.

Think of it as similar to those ransomware attacks where hackers take control over your computer, demand cash and threaten to wipe all your data. Only this time the data is a penis and the hackers apparently demanding 0.02 Bitcoin (almost AU $1,000 as of today, or around AU $320 at the time of the attacks last year) to unshackle it.

The device in question is the Cellmate chastity cage, produced by Chinese sex toy company Qiui.

“Your cock is mine now,” one of the hackers told a victim in October last year, in screenshots seen by Motherboard.

Meanwhile, BleepingComputer reports that some victims were even mocked by the hackers, although the hackers also admitted that nobody had paid the ransom, at least at the time of the screenshots.

When one victim asked the hacker what happened, the hacker replied that it was “magic”, according to screenshots obtained by the website.

Two other victims who spoke to Motherboard said they luckily weren’t wearing the devices at the time of the hacks.

This specific malware was brought to light by the VX Underground research group, which documents malware and was handed this particular source code from an unlucky victim.

We – and by “we” I mainly mean the chastity cage manufacturer – should’ve seen this coming, tbh.

Early in 2020 cyber security researchers at Pen Test Partners published a thorough report showing how a serious flaw in the software could open the door wide open for hackers to permanently lock people’s dicks all over the world.

“We are not in the business of kink shaming,” they said at the time.

“People should be able to use these devices safely and securely without the risk of sensitive personal data being leaked.”

Ultimately if you do end up in a situation where you can’t unlock the chastity cage around you or your partner’s cock, you can contact the company directly and they’ll remotely unlock it.

Qiui has even posted a video on its website showing how to pry the device open with a screwdriver. Phew.