Iconic Sydney drag queen Maxi Shield has released a statement after her Instagram got hacked.

“My instagram has been hacked.. trying to work it out now… not as easy as they say….” she wrote on Twitter, not Instagram, obvs, because the hackers still have control of it. Hurry TF up, Insta!

Strangely, the hackers posted a screenshot that showed a Westpac bank transfer for the amount of $12K.

The next slide in the gallery was a Commonwealth Bank statement and ooft, I wish it were mine.

It appears to be a credit card with a $24K balance and $380.91 pending.

“Wow I never believed my eyes until it shows up,” the caption read.

“I doubted my mentor because it’s was new to me she convinced me to start with the minimum of $1000 which I got back my profit of $12,841 in forex trading I was so surprised and happy I will love you guys to give it a try. Dm my coach.”

It reminds me of that time a bank statement was shared on The Bachelor star Bella Varelis‘ Instagram Story and there was a ‘yuge debate about whether or not she was hacked.

Screenshots of the Instagram Story began to spread across social media, including on the page Influencer Updates AU, and was subsequently covered by the Outspoken Podcast.

In the wake of the social media shitstorm, we reached out to Bella to suss out what happened and she claimed that she was hacked and that the bank statement that appeared on her Instagram Story was not even hers.

“My Instagram was hacked and that wasn’t a screenshot of my bank account,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“That is why it got taken down as soon as I regained access to my account.”

She went on to say that being scrutinised over the incident has been “immensely distressing” for her as she’s been receiving “hate messages” from people on Instagram.

“I had no control of the situation and it’s being made out like it was done on purpose.”

She continued, “It’s just unfortunate that people jump to conclusions and judge when they see a media article, they don’t think to take into consideration that’s it’s third degree information that’s being used, along with bias opinions from the person talking about it or writing it.

“I understand it comes with the territory but the hate messages shouldn’t be. Didn’t anyone think to themselves, ‘She’s obviously been hacked?’ Who would actually willingly share their bank details?

“And what kind of people would then share that to a Facebook page without knowing the full story? It’s ridiculous and pathetic.”

Looks like she must’ve been telling the truth as it’s a v. similar situation!