Dutton Tried To Stop This Pic Being Shared & Guess What Everyone’s Doing

There’s basically nothing funnier than someone asking for a thing to be removed from the internet (like, how), except maybe if that person is a borderline monster who has a striking resemblance to a potato.

The man who somehow manages to win the extremely stiff competition for least charismatic Liberal politician, Peter Dutton, got antsy today about a photo taken by Fairfox photographer Alex Ellinghausen, which makes him appear in a pretty bad light (literally the lighting is bad). 

After tweeting the above image as it came in from Ellinghausen, Stephanie Peatling was contacted by Dutton’s media team who expressed displeasure with the image and questioned why she had posted it to social media, which, as she put it in her update for the Sydney Morning Herald, seems to miss the point:

“One tends to think two people setting themselves on fire – one of whom has died – would be one’s chief concerns in a situation like this.
But everyone’s different.
Image is everything.
It comes at an especially bad time for Dutton, after copping flak for blaming the self-immolation of a second refugee on refugee advocates.

Obviously Twitter went hard on the photo, because it was a critical mass of meme potential:

In his defence though, there are probably very few photos of him that look flattering.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen.