Turnbull Calls Dutton A ‘Belligerent Blusterer’ Over Submarine Deal & BRB Grabbing A Dictionary

Ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull has come out swinging against ex-Defence Minister (now Opposition Leader) Peter Dutton over Dutton’s handling of a nuclear submarine deal with France.

“It was just more blustering from Dutton… he’s a belligerent blusterer who wrecked a submarine contract,” Mr Turnbull said during an interview with ABC radio on Monday.

While still in government, Dutton claimed he was trying to buy a couple of extra submarines from America as per SBS.

This is because Australia’s main shipment of submarines wasn’t set to arrive until nearly 2040. It’s almost like the previous government…didn’t know what they were doing?

For context, the Morrison government scrapped a submarine deal with France when it joined an alliance with the UK and USA.

Remember that time French President Emmanuel Macron called Scott Morrison a liar? Yeah, same incident.

The deal with France was originally struck when Turnbull was the PM, hence his calling out of the belligerent blustering.

The fuck-up was bad for many reasons, but mainly because France is one of Australia’s closest allies. We LOVE baguettes!

The damage to the Aus/French relationship was so bad that new PM Anthony Albanese paid the French a sum of “sorry-forgive-us-please” money for cooking the deal so badly.

Thankfully, France accepted the money. “It permits us to turn a page in our bilateral relations with Australia and look to the future,” said French defence minister Sebastien Lecornu as per Al Jazeera.

Phew! Saved it.

Now, I’ve gotta go find a dictionary.