Richard Di Natale Has Fkn Had It, Calls For Turnbull To Backbench Dutton

For anyone playing ‘Political Party Bingo‘ over who’s called for the sacking of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, you can now mark down GREENS and take a big ol’ swig of your nearest beverage, because that’s TWO.

*cheers, swigs, smacks the froth*

Yup, the Dutton-dragging over his calling the Daily Telegraph‘s National Political Editor Samantha Maiden a “mad fucking witch” is coming from all angles (but he didn’t mean to send it TO her, guys, it was meant to be a private misogynist joke).

Yesterday, Penny Wong gave him a smackdown in all her withering glory, saying it was a “test” for Malcolm Turnbull‘s leadership and he needed to justify Dutton’s position as a Cabinet minister.

Today, Greens leader Richard Di Natale got down with some mild-mannered scalping of his own, telling the PM that this is an opportunity to show he’s serious about this whole ‘violence against women’ thing and calling Dutton a “serial offender [who is] not able to deal with complex immigration issues“.

He said:

“Malcolm Turnbull needs to show he’s serious about changing culture. One way he can do that is to ensure this repeat offender, Minister Dutton, is sent to the backbench where he belongs, and another suitable replacement is found for that difficult portfolio … preferably a woman, a capable woman from within the Coalition ranks.
He has made comments towards a senior journalist that do reflect the sexism that is at the heart of the Coalition government.”

It follows similar expressions of frustrations on Twitter yesterday:

Dutton is silent as the grave on the issue, but probably thinks the whole thing is “just plain wrong” anyway.

Source: Fairfax / ABC.

Photo: Stefan Postles.