Peter Dutton Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

peter dutton coronavirus

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton is officially the first government official to test positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, so if he could just self-isolate forever that would be great.

Dutton released an official statement on Twitter on Friday afternoon declaring his diagnosis.

Dutton was in Washington D.C with other government officials from the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada prior to his coronavirus diagnosis.

Naturally, the internet has expressed grave concern for the welfare of our *very* wonderful MP, who we *definitely* don’t hate.

He has been admitted to hospital and asserts that he has followed all advice of medical practitioners following his diagnosis.

According to 7 News, the entire federal cabinet will now be tested for the coronavirus following Dutton’s diagnosis.

I’m not saying Peter Dutton deserves COVID-19, but it would be a damn shame if he ended up being quarantined on Christmas Island. A damn shame, indeed.

More to come.