An Insanely Romantic Drazic Mural Has Popped Up In Sydney Just In Time For V-Day

Some of you may be jonesing for flowers or thoughtful gifts or a sweet little message from a special someone, but artist Scott Marsh has bigger things in mind for the city of Sydney this Valentine’s Day, painting up a giant mural of the mythical Drazic from Heartbreak High and asking everyone who gazes upon it to be his Anita.

The mural has sprung up in Chippendale on the wall at Chippen Lane, on the butt end of the Lord Gladstone Hotel. Eagle eyed types will be aware that the location is a frequent haunt of Marsh’s, having provided the canvas for a slew of his previous work, including one of sweet Egg Boy Will Connolly, and the infamous Casino Mike mural.

This time around, Marsh has taken the spirit of the big annual love day all the way to Hartley High with a giant, unmistakable mural of Bogdan Drazic’s face on the wall.

Completed over the past 24 hours, it’s already beginning to turn heads on social media as Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches tomorrow.

A true work of art in every sense of the phrase. Each detail millimetre perfect, right down to the sea shell necklace and the glorious late 90s eyebrow ring.

While it’s clearly a beautiful Valentine’s Day gesture aimed at spreading love on the Most Love day of the year, the mural also has a hidden second function.

Those of you currently considering giving a go nowhere relationship the old 86 can swing by there to do the deed, because there’s now no better place to tell someone to rack off.

Gonna give myself the rest of the day off after writing that last line. Today’s not gonna get any better than that.