We live in a time where it’s easy to feel powerless and, well, that’s largely because we are. As it stands, political power is wielded by a shockingly thin slice of the population — politicians, CEOs, and influential media figures alike all largely cut from the same major city, private school, prestigious university cloth. What do you do with your dissatisfaction when you have no hope of entering that sphere and effecting change there, of tackling the structures of oppression using political power denied to you? You egg a motherfucker. You take an egg and you carefully steer it into the dome of one of the country’s most fascist politicians. This was the path chosen by the now infamous Egg Boy, who did many of the first steps involved in introducing an omelette to the head of Fraser Anning.

The now world-famous Egg Boy has received accolades from all over the world, from John Oliver to John Darnielle to Violent Soho to Ben Simmons, and was briefly immortalised (ish) in mural-form in Melbourne, before it was rapidly painted over. Hopefully, this gorgeous, newly minted work from Sydney muralist Scott Marsh has a longer lifespan:

The mural is located on the side of the Lord Gladstone in Chippendale and is yours to enjoy while the most tedious people in the world gnash their teeth and wail about the moral implications of egging someone who had just agreed to the characterisation of the Christchurch shooter as “the younger generation taking up the fight“.

Image: Instagram / Scott Marsh