Mike Baird Caught Taking A Cheeky Selfie With The #CasinoMike Mural


NSW Premier Mike Baird has been spotted in front of his own mural in Chippendale, taking a bloody selfie.

The mural – an ode to #CasinoMike, bedecking him with darts, booze, casino chips and a kebab – has been decorating the wall of The Lord Gladstone for two weeks now.

We spoke to the manager Mitch Jamieson, who confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV that is was indeed Mikey boy.

“It was pretty full on,” he said. “I was just opening the back up in the lane, and saw these two jeeps pull up. Didn’t think anything of it. Then I went back outside, and realised a photoshoot was going on, and then there he was, Mike Baird with a cheesy grin.”

Mitch told us the jeeps bailed pretty quick when they realised they’d been spotted, so it’s safe to say Baird and co didn’t want to be caught. His office wouldn’t confirm or deny to us by the time we published that it really *was* him, so… is that a confirm? Yeah. Definitely a confirm. 

This all happened around 11am this morning, so Baird’s had plenty of time to choose a better filter than whatever he picked for his coffee selfie with Malcolm Turnbull and post the damn thing on Facebook.

We’re waiting.

Meanwhile, the artist behind the mural Scottie Marsh is selling #CasinoMike t-shirts for $49 a pop, with all profits going to Keep Sydney Open. What delicious, sweet irony – get amongst it here.

Photo: Instagram / The Jugernauts.