Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Very Briefly Vanished & Everyone’s Lost It

Sweet lord, this was an interesting way to start the day. Donald Trump, as we all know by now, does the bulk of his odious bloviating from the comfort of a smartphone screen, braying his noxious warbling out into the world one tweet at a time. The extremely infamous @realDonaldTrump Twitter account contains a litany of unhinged rants that range from lambasting television shows that dare spoke poorly of his objectively shitful self, to threatening all-out nuclear war with a curiously annoying minnow state, to just yesterday demanding the suspect in the NYC truck attack be put to death.

This morning, for the briefest of brief moments, the Twitter account simply disappeared.

Vanished. Gone. Scrubbed from existence.

The reaction, which was immediate and overwhelming, was a complete mixture of bewilderment, suspicion, outright joy, and laughter. Y’know, standard internet practice, only amplified times a billion in this case.

‘Course the account returned to its regularly scheduled program a few short minutes later, cruelly pointing out in the process that everyone’s exasperated bleats of “DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT” don’t specify that you can’t then subsequently reactivate it.

Was it deliberately taken down? Did Twitter remove incriminating evidence under pressure of Government? Is it all a large conspiracy? Or is it just some horrible, teasing glitch?

The good internet giveth, and the good internet taketh away.