The Official Maccas Twitter Flipped Out And Called Trump “Disgusting”

You have to some small kind of sympathy for PR managers of the world’s largest corporations. Not only are they beholden to spruiking their product day in, day out, they also have to avoid pushing out content which would even mildly perturb their core audience. 

Now, imagine how McDonald’s’ head marketing honcho felt when they read this.
That angry lil’ message, claiming U.S. President Donald Trump doesn’t hold a candle / chicken nugget to his predecessor Barack Obama, was posted to the McDonald’s’ Twitter account overnight. It was deleted after a full twenty minutes, meaning the world was briefly lead to believe the fast food chain had a red-hot take on Trump’s miniature phalanges. 
It was also pinned to McDonald’s profile, meaning the very first thing any visitor to that specific page (we’re sure somebody would seek to directly view McDonald’s Twitter account) would have seen was an angry takedown of the 45th President Of The United States Of America. 

Of course, the company has come out with an explanation for that decidedly spicy message. In a new and unlikely-to-be-deleted message, McDonald’s claims its account was “compromised” before the tweet was unleashed, and that they’re “investigating” the incident. 

Still, people ain’t so sure the company really was compromised. The prevailing conspiracy theory is that some fed-up social media professional decided to wield their company’s PR might to further their own political leanings. 

And then there’s this.

Usually we’d wait for Trump to respond, but since he has such a thing for the company, we’re assuming he might just let this one slide.