Powerful white male who inherited all of his obscene wealth from another powerful white male, Donald Trump Jr., has had a crack at making a “funny” on Twitter today about socialism, and boy howdy did it go down like a lead balloon in a house fire covered in turds.

Using his young daughter Chloe (dude, don’t use your kid like that you gronk), who had just returned from trick or treating at Halloween, the President’s son tweeted out how he was going to give half her candy to “some kid who sat at home” in a completely stupid attempt to bag welfare or “hand-outs”.

Oh Donny boy. I barely passed my bachelor of arts degree and even I know you’ve utterly cooked it in your description of what socialism entails.

And I’m definitely not alone with the usual (and delightful, when it comes to a Trump) Twitter pile-on kicking off full force:

Whilst the piss poor attempt at critiquing socialism was easy fodder, some pulled up Mini Trump instead for his blatant typo in a tweet ostensibly about educating a toddler:

Others went down the approach of coming up with counterpart methods in how to teach young Chloe about capitalism instead:

And some just wanted to go to town on the fucker:

LMAO eat shit Donny.

Now class, what do need to remember? Say it with me now. NEVER. TWEET.

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