A NYC Couple Claimed They Got A Dead Rat In Their Takeout Soup & Has Anyone Seen Remy Lately?

NYC dead rat soup

The famous rat family tree is in mourning this week after one of its NYC relatives was found dead in someone’s soup. It’s all very distressing no matter which way you look at it and my God I hope you’re not eating right now.

Per TMZ, a couple is suing Manhattan Korean restaurant Gammeeok, claiming they were presented with an extremely dead and cooked rat in their takeaway recently. No. No no. No no no no no noooooo thank you.

Just a heads up that TMZ has shared photos of the dinner intruder in question, so click through at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The couple have alleged they were delivered dinner by the Koreatown spot and when they started eating their meals they noticed a literally drowned rat in there. Fur, tail, ears and all.

Somehow this is worse than the time Mr Bean got an entire turkey stuck on his head at Christmas, which I can only imagine was a disgusting experience considering he was literally face-first into giblets.

Upon finding the rodent surprise in what looked to be a kimchi stew with rice, the couple said they were “violently sick” and immediately sought medical attention to treat anything nefarious that would come up from eating food spiked with a little critter.

They’ve also claimed it’s caused them emotional distress among other severe injuries which just feels like a given at this point.

I’m genuinely thousands of kilometres away from this rancid rattie and yet I also feel like I’m going to be violently sick, good LORD.

The restaurant is yet to break its silence about the tummy-turning fiasco, but I can’t see how they’ll be able to scurry their way out of this one.

So sorry if you were having a nice day, this has absolutely put a spoil on mine — mostly because I can’t help but think this is an awful alternate-universe Ratatouille situation.