Here’s a little morsel of good news for you; the extended Famous Rat family tree has a new member, after a wily rat in the NYC subway has been spotted scurrying away with a whole english muffin. Enter: Egg McMuffin Rat.

Clearly humans are not the only ones stocking up for a bout of isolation, with the ratty found navigating the stairs with what looks to be an Egg McMuffin pretty much the size of its own body late last week.

You can hear onlookers commenting as the rat navigates its way down the stairs with the whole-ass McMuffin, noting that it absolutely deserves that Big Treat, and trying to figure out exactly what he’s carrying.

Egg McMuffy Rat joins other beloved members of the Famous Rat family like the one that got stuck in a manhole in Germany, the beloved (and original) NYC Pizza Rat, and distant cousin Cigarette Cockroach.

I wonder how the extended family tree is going anyway, has anyone checked in on Pizza Rat or Ciggy Roach recently? Maybe Egg McMuffin Rat is a part of the same nest as Pizza Rat.

Or maybe, possibly, potentially….McMuffy Rat IS Pizza Rat. We know the little critter has fine taste in fast food so, it’s not an unreasonable assumption.

Whatever the case, we simply have no choice but to stan a ratty who is simply trying to feed its family in this trying time. Godspeed you, Egg McMuffin Rat.

Image: Twitter / @subwaycreatures