Alright, listen up you lot. A TikToker has replicated the famous Macca’s McMuffin at home so now might be the perfect time to beef up (sorry) your Sunday morning recipe collection.

Creator AussieFitness is the official conspirator behind this weapon of a McMuffin dish. It is truly the perfect snack for those times when there’s nothing else in your belly besides vodka and regret.

This is my situation more than I care to admit but this article is about the McMuffin, not the McMe.

As a bonus, he also claims it’s healthy, high protein and low calorie. Well I guess when you compare it to the bazillions of calories worth of beveraginos you consumed the previous night, anything’s a step up.


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The McMuffin recipe requires a good chunk of mince (turkey, beef or vegan if you’re from Melbourne like me).

This is followed up with a dusting (read: dumping) of spices including garlic powder, onion powder and all-purpose seasoning — the most powerful of all the seasonings. Really knows what it wants in life.

A few more magic steps later and you’ve got yourself a McMuffin AKA the ultimate cure for a bunch of ailments. Principally, for groaning in bed because of how much your head regrets what the rest of your body did to it last night. That old chestnut.

This is certainly not the first time Macca’s has made the news recently for one reason or another.

Last week it unleashed a crème brulée McFlurry and pie which made us wanna unleash the crème in our fkn jeans. Apologies, that was very visual.

The loose unit then started slinging $1 McChicken burgs to celebrate its undeniable middle child energy on the Golden Arches’ menu.

Finally to take the cake, a gal dead-ass climbed into a Macca’s drive-thru window to make her own food after the staff denied her.

How good’s working in hospo!?

Image: TikTok @AussieFitness