Video Of NYC Rat Carrying Pizza Mesmerises Internet, Sends #PizzaRat Viral

Introducing #pizzarat: a New York-bred, determined little fellow whose failed attempt to drag a slice of discarded slice of pizza down some steps outside a subway station has made him an instant celebrity.

A dude named Matt Little posted the video to YouTube overnight, after filming the tiny cheesehound outside the First Avenue L station in Manhattan, and the Internet has been mesmerised ever since.
The hashtag #pizzarat (his real name is still TBC) has racked up more than 17K mentions in a matter of hours.

The chutzpah. The determination. The bravery (it nearly crushes him at one point. The crushing sense of defeat when he finally realises there ain’t no way a food item triple his size is getting down those steps.

Long live #pizzarat.
PS. Props to The New Yorker for scoring an exclusive first interview with everyone’s favourite rodent.