One of the most blessed things about Macca’s is that it’s a cheap fix to being hungry AF, especially when you’ve missed brekkie and are fanging for a meal. However, one traveller decided to fork up the price of their meal by trying to sneak it in from Bali. Surely the Macca’s isn’t that good over there???

The traveller was reportedly a backpacker catching a flight from Bali to Darwin. Somehow they managed to not get detected at Bali Airport or while on the plane, however, they were eventually stopped at Darwin Airport.

Two egg and beef sausage McMuffins, a ham croissant and a stack of hot cakes were found in the individual’s bag. They were detected by Darwin Airport’s new sniffer dog, Zinta.

The individual was slapped with a $2664 infringement notice. Fkn ouch.

Zinta must’ve been trained to sniff out the worst Macca’s brekkie option: the sausage McMuffin. Anyone with taste would be ordering the superior choice, the bacon and egg McMuffin.

Someone Tried To Smuggle McMuffins From Bali Into Darwin And Were Slapped With A Hefty Fine
The forbidden feast… I dare to have just a nibble of the cursed cheese. (Image source: Provided to Nine)

Clearly, this poor traveller forgot that every airport in the country has a million and one food options and most have a Macca’s as well. Far better to eat an overpriced sandwich with soggy lettuce than a cold, firm McMuffin.

The forbidden Macca’s feast was seized and will be tested for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) before reportedly being “destroyed”.

It’ll probably be thrown in an incinerator, which will then be thrown into another incinerator, which will be dropped off a cliff so it can wash up on a distant beach; its metallic fragments calling out to walkers-by with a thrumming rhythm, like some new-age Jumanji.

“This will be the most expensive Macca’s meal this passenger ever has, this fine is twice the cost of an airfare to Bali,” said Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Murray Watt. He may need to change his title to include “Fuckeries”.

“I have no sympathy for people who choose to disobey Australia’s strict biosecurity measures, and recent detections show you will be caught.

“Australia is FMD-free, and we want it to stay that way.

“It’s excellent to see (Zinta) is already contributing to keeping the country safe.”

Image: Nine (Supplied)