This Chonky Rat Wedged In A Manhole Has Joined The Extended Famous Rat Fam

A rather fat rat who was said to have “a lot of winter flab” has been rescued from a manhole in Germany, after getting her chonky rat ass stuck. No I am not making this up. This is real and news and I’m so delighted to be bringing this to you.

[jwplayer Ufa64svi]

As reported by the BBC, the rattus was found by a local young girl in the town of Bensheim, wedged firmly in a manhole cover that leads down to the sewer below the street.

Animal rescuers said that the lil angel was too lordge to fit through the holes in the cover, but managed to get her head and front legs through, but got stuck at her tum, and couldn’t move forwards or backwards.

Would you just bloody look at this little panicked face.

Booty too big for that got dang sewer cover! She’s sweatin’!

A full team of local firefighters took on the call for the rescue mission, which seemed to involve opening up the manhole and wiggling out the silly rodent from her sticky spot.

It took nine firies to set the little bugger free. NINE.

We’ve had the Pizza Rat, we’ve met the rat who was found dead as a doornail next to a titchy bottle of Hennessy, and now we are blessed with the Chonk Rat. We’re extremely not worthy of all this precious and delightfully hilarious rat content, but I hope it never ever stops.

As expected, the internet is bloody blowing up about the hefty rat, because look, it’s Wednesday, we’re all a bit over it, and this rat is the perfect depiction of being wedged firmly in the middle of a week that feels like it’s going for about three.

We’re all identifying with the portly darling a little too much but whatever, the whole thing is a real mood.

Someone even identified with the ratty so much that they PAINTED HER.

Anyway watch the video below of the moment the local firies showed up and found the little chunky lass screaming her head off about being stuck in the manhole, let the tiny screams wash over you and sit back and think “I am this rat, and this rat is me.”