Dad Of Brighton Teen Whose Legs Were Torn Up Films Sea Lice Shredding Steak

The father of the 16-year-old Melbourne fella who emerged from the waters at a Brighton beach with his legs absolutely covered in tiny bleeding wounds appears to have discovered what caused them, and we’re not going to lie: his findings will probably keep you from taking a dip any time soon.

Jarrod Kanizay took to the waters off the Dendy Street beach with a pool net last night, hoping to figure out what underwater monstrosity nibbled on his son Sam’s legs.

Forget sharks, fish, or even fiesty crustaceans, ’cause Kanizay walked away with a net full of sea lice.

Then came the experiment.

“We put them in an Esky and brought them home and looked at them intently and let them swim in white dishes with red meat,” Kanizay told Fairfax Media. The footage of the little bastards scooting around chunks of steak is… confronting.

Burn it all down, to be honest.

Kanizay said the creatures appeared to latch themselves onto the meat, suggesting they very well could have done the same to poor Sam’s legs as he cooled them off in a post-footy recovery session. Experts have confirmed that yes, it could have been an onslaught of sea lice, but a full investigation is yet to be conducted.

On the topic of recovery, Sam is still receiving treatment at Dandenong Hospital after doctors had trouble stopping the wounds from bleeding. In truly not-ok news, Jarrod said staff also conducted a biopsy “to make sure there are no critters living inside.”

Yikes. We’ll let you know when researchers figure this one out.