‘You Guys Need To Chill’: Aussie TikToker Grills Customers For ‘Horrendous’ Behaviour At Costco

A TikToker has grilled Australian Costco customers for the way they treat some of the sales staff, and as a former sales assistant at [redacted], this rant applies to every bloody store under the sun.

Tammie (@careercoachtammie), a recruiter and career coach, has veered away from her usual content, which mostly consists of job-seeking advice and career Q&As to vent about the behaviours of some Aussies at Costco.

If you’re unsure what heaven Costco is, it’s an American wholesale shop that is “dedicated to providing the best products for the best possible prices”. Shoppers must pay a fee to shop there, kinda like a gym membership, but you’re paying to spend more money on items. This can include groceries, clothes, electronics and a whole bunch of random stuff.

Costco is also known for its banging takeaway menu, which includes $16 large pizzas, $2 hot dog and soda combos and $4 churros. Also, I’m pretty sure at most stores, you don’t need a membership to get a cheeky feed — well, at least at my local Costco you don’t have to.

Anyways, back to the rant, Tammie was specifically taking aim at Costco members who were acting like fewls at the takeaway area of the shop.

“You guys need to chill at Costco,” the career coach began TikTok, which now has more than 42K views.

“I understand that we’re all happy to get pizza in the end but that does not give you an excuse to give the pizza guy like crap.”

Tammie then revealed she was visiting Auburn Costco (NSW) when she saw chaos unfold at the takeaway area, describing customer’s attitude towards the workers as “horrendous”.

“I saw people banging on the window and pushing their receipts up to the window to see if their order had been yelled out yet. And I literally, watched them put their order in the computer and walk on over, ” she continued.

“Not only that, but they sit in front of the window so people can’t hear their number being called.

“Calm down. I know it’s $16 for a massive pizza and you can’t get that anywhere in Sydney. Have a bit of manners. Be a bit polite.”

(Image Source: Getty Images / Gary Hershorn)

The TikToker added that while observing the customers who were shopping around, she realised that some of them must’ve been vendors of their own businesses.

“Be nice to hospitality workers, please,” she ended the video.

After the pandemic and multiple workplaces that have signs about kindness towards workers, it still shocks me that people are continuing to treat other human beings like shit.

I totally understand getting frustrated over a long waiting time, however, that doesn’t justify being a complete fuck head. Also, there are super polite ways to ask customer service assistants to check on your order if you’ve been waiting yonks for your grub.

Thankfully, for NSW, Premier Chris Minns has made harassing retail workers a crime that can be punishable by imprisonment.

It’s absolutely bonkers that people have to constantly remind others about kindness, respect and MANNERS.

Feels like we’re bloody back in pre-school.

Image source: TikTok / @careercoachtammie