Redditors Are Touting How Much $ They’ve Diverted From Coles/Woolies & Where They Shop Instead

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Folks on the internet are laying bare the number of dollars they’re re-routing from kingpin supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths. TBH, as the cost of living crisis drags on, it’s getting harder and harder not to consider a switch.

In the r/Australia subreddit, user @StopScrollingBaby asked the question that has been bubbling away under the surface of many Aussie households for most of 2023 – “How much $ have you diverted from ColesWorth lately?”.

“Prices up, fees up, fewer sales, less off, online monthly discount gone, “member” prices BS, self-serve constantly in crisis over an unexpected item in the bagging area even with spy cams, and hearing about billions in profits all make for an insulting shopping experience,” they wrote, before admitting to redirecting $350-450 from the duopoly per month.

Another user claimed their numbers were similar, writing, “I go a bit out of the way now to Footscray market (Melbourne) as it’s much cheaper than my local market (south Melbourne), and the butchers there are far cheaper than most on the south side where I live.”

A third Redditor compared the experience of breaking free of the Coles and Woolworths to “unplugging from the Matrix”.

“I have literally grown to LOVE going to my local markets now,” they wrote.

“The really nice Middle Eastern guy at the fruit store knows me well and always cheers me up when I see him. His prices are good. He even waves his hand at some things and says “just take it”.” Free strawberries? Thanks mate!”

We LOVE free strawberries.

Judging from the replies, a lot of shoppers have been making more frequent trips to Aldi and Costco, in addition to their local markets.

If you’re keen to suss the whole thread, you can do so here.

PEDESTRIAN.TV even did a few video investigations into how different today’s grocery prices were across various stores.

Here’s The Reject Shop versus Coles:

And here’s Aldi versus Coles:

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Stay savvy out there!