Here’s Some Money-Saving Hacks For Your Grocery Shop If You’re Living On 2-Minute Noodles RN

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

I bring deeply chaotic energy into any supermarket run. I’m always in a rush and always just picking up a couple of things I’ve run out of, instead of planning ahead for one big shop. Worst of all, I constantly do the shopping on an empty stomach, resulting in a lot of unnecessary biscuit-related purchases and not a lot of money-saving.

All of this chaos means I spend way more money than I realistically need to whenever I go to the supermarket, and I ALWAYS end up forgetting something and buying extra stuff I don’t need. With the cost of living where it is right now, my lawless shopping ways must be stopped. If you’re also struggling with spending at the supermarket, I’ve put together a list of tips that’ll help us both make those dollarydoos go further than ever.

How To Save Money On Your Next Grocery Shop

Plan, Plan, Plan

Dude you seriously have to start doing your shopping with a plan (I’m talking to myself here). If you go in with a plan, you cut all unnecessary spending — it’s that simple.

There’s different levels of planning that could work for you. You might just want to check your cupboards and your fridge and whip up a quick list before you go. You might take it to the next level and do some meal prep. If you plan a weeks’ worth of meals, you only need to do one weekly shop. That’s heaps better than my current system of going to the shops almost every day just to get a couple things!

You might even want to head to your local’s website to check what’s on sale. Planning your meals around what’s cheapest at the supermarket that week? Now that’s some galaxy brain-level budgeting.

Stick To Whatever’s In Season

This one is pretty straightforward. If it’s blueberry season, there’s going to be more blueberries at the shops, which means they’ll be cheaper. Remember when avocados were like, a dollar each? Now those were the glory days.

The great thing about shopping in-season is that in-season produce is always going to be better than the stuff that’s out of season. Your meals will be cheaper AND more delicious — it’s a win-win situation. Hop to our explainer on what’s in season now right HERE.

Don’t Skip The Frozen Section

Most of us could probably stand to incorporate a few more veggies into our diets. The thing is, fruit and veg can get so expensive that it’s more budget-friendly to skip them. No more!

Frozen fruit and vegetables are going to be your friend from here on out. Not only can you keep them for longer than fresh produce, this 2017 study found that there’s actually no significant difference between frozen and fresh veggies when it comes to vitamin content. That means you’re still getting all the healthy goodness from veggies even if they’re frozen.

Eat Less Meat

Meat is expensive and it’s also not great for the environment, so eating less of it is always a good option. There are so many meat-free alternatives on the market that are chock-a-block with protein and nutrients and flavour, so you won’t miss the real thing one bit.

You could try chickpeas, kidney beans or lentils (which often go for less than a dollar a can), or even tofu. You can even stock up on filling but cheap veggies like potato — the perfect vegetable — and make a hearty stew.

Embrace Costco And ALDI, Our Budget Queens

ALDI and Costco are amazing supermarket alternatives to Coles and Woolies, particularly if you’re watching your budget.

Costco is THE place to go if you’re looking to buy your groceries in bulk, which can be a great money-saving option if you’re looking at value per kilo. Also — don’t forget that supermarkets often mark down their prices at the end of the day. You can get yourself some perfectly good groceries for a fraction of the price. We love to see it!