Aussie Avocado Farmers Are Pleading People To Eat More Avos After A Bonkers Harvest This Year

avocado farmers surplus bumper harvest australia

Avocado farmers are begging Aussies to up the amount of delicious green fruit they eat as the country’s producers face an incredible glut of avocados.

Per the ABC, a new report from agriculture business bank Rabobank has found that around 120,000 tonnes of avos are expected to be harvested and sent to market this year. That’s up a whopping 30,000 tonnes on last year’s numbers.

The overwhelming avo bonanza has pushed the price of the yummy fruits down in supermarkets — right to $1 a pop in early July — which has bumped up the number of avocados being eaten by 30% according to the report.

The report’s author Pia Piggott told the ABC the glut is thanks to a big boom in avocado production in Australia in the last couple of years — especially in Western Australia.

“Each year, during that period, over 1,000 hectares of avocado trees were planted, and [those] trees are still to mature and still to produce avocados,” she said.

“This year, we’ve seen a large increase, particularly in WA, with acreage maturing there.

“And for the next few years, we’re going to see that increase all across Australia.”

So it’s not just this year that we’re seeing an overwhelming number of avo fruits popping up in the shops. This is gonna be happening for a few years.

Sorry but anyone who tries to tell me I can’t buy a house because I’m buying too much avocado toast can absolutely rack off.

“With the decline in price, we’ve seen that Australian consumers have responded to those prices and have increased their consumption,” Piggott said.

It’s simple supply and demand economics, people. And thank God it’s happening during Hass season — there would be nothing worse than a hectic oversupply of Shepard avocados. You could not pay me enough to take home a bag of Sheps.

So there you go friends, if ever you’ve needed an excuse to eat avocado en masse, this is it.