Cool: This Pile Of Avocados Farmers Discarded Is Literally Worth 11 Years Of My Rent

A pile of avocados discarded by farmers in queensland

Wild footage has emerged of piles upon piles of avocados dumped on the muddy ground and sir, that is a whole house deposit.

Remember when avocados were a symbol of millennial wealth? Well that metaphor apparently holds up when you look at this devastating video.

Facebook user Jan De Lai shared a video online of what looked like tonnes of avocados left to rot at the Atherton green waste dump in Far North Queensland.

“Truckloads and truckloads and truckloads, gone to waste – shocking,” she said.

According to Cairns Post, the video shows roughly 50 to 100 tonnes of discarded avocados, estimated to be worth about $200,000. Like I said, a whole house deposit.

But it turns out, the dumping was no accident — an Avocados Australia spokesperson told Cairns Post the fruit was inspected by a representative yesterday and “blemishes and bruises” meant the avos weren’t worth selling, apparently. So instead, they were just thrown out.

“Basically a grower has determined with all the costs of picking, packing and distribution to market whether that fruit was going to sell, whether they had a market for it,” the spokesperson said.

truckloads of avocados wasted
I did the maths and this is literally ten years worth of rent in avocado form for me. Image source: Facebook

So with the amount it would cost to pay for labour and fuel to transport them, these avos weren’t likely to generate much profit. Especially because lately, there’s an oversupply of avocados.

In the back of my head, I can hear my mum saying “there’s starving children out there and you’re not gonna finish that?!” and for once that comment is welcome.

Hmm, an over supply of avocados that are inaccessible to the general public despite soaring food costs across Australia… what does this remind me of again?

Ah yes, the housing market.

I can’t afford to buy a house even though there’s plenty of empty ones because they’re expensive AF.

Farmers can’t afford to sell their avocados and dump them even though there’s probably plenty of people who would appreciate the donation. But logistics, etc.

The world is broken. Unless those avocados are Shepard avocados. In which case they may continue rotting, my bad.